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felted bag with flower design




The Guild meets on the third Saturday of the month in Charvil Village Hall, Park Lane, Charvil, RG10 9TR for talks and demonstrations often given by professional craft workers. Details of these can be found on the Programme page, along with information about a number of small group activities that day, focusing on specific crafts.

Full details of the next Saturday guild meeting are also available.

Members are encouraged to show their work, either informally or through our Guild Exhibitions, Challenges and Competitions, full details of which are on the Exhibitions, Competitions and Challenges and pages.

In addition we publish a Newsletter  several times a year which enables Guild members to share information and knowledge.

The Guild holds an extensive library of craft-related literature and a range of equipment for hire. Courses, visits and workshops are also arranged on a variety of related topics such as braid making, horsehair weaving, felting and knitting.

The Guild does not set any entry standards, indeed we are very keen to welcome those who are completely new to our crafts but who are wanting to learn about them and to acquire the skills they involve. 

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