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Dyeing Supplies


Art Van Go – (

Eclectic collection of supplies, fabrics, equipment. Some silk fibre.


Cloth Roads – (

Information on natural dyes and links to other suppliers


DT Crafts – (

Supplies for hand dying.


Dyeing Crafts – (

Information on dyeing and felting, courses, plant seeds, dyes.


Ewe and Ply – (

Dyes, but also yarns, fibres, patterns, accessories


George Weil – (

Suppliers of a wide range of craft equipment and supplies. natural and synthetic dyes, mordants, modifiers.


Natural Dyes International – (

More of a source of information about natural dyes and further links to suppliers.


Nature’s Rainbow – (

Information about dyes and dye plants, in blog format.


Plants For A Future – (

Information about alternative uses for plants, including dye plants.


The Threshing Barn – (
Suppliers of all kinds of fibre for spinning, spinning wheels and spinning accessories. Also dyes.


Wingham Wool – (

Dyes and mordants


Wild Colour – (

Dying expert. All kinds of dyes, dye-plant seeds and useful information on dyeing.

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