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Welcome to our June Fleece Guild Day












10:30 am - Doors open
11 am - Fleece sale, sorting and washing

1:30 pm - Business notices and show and tell

2 pm - Down breed fleece study

2:30 pm - Sample Spinning demonstration

4:30 pm - Help put chairs and tables away


Fleece Day

Fleece day is all about selecting and processing fibre
that's come straight from the animals back. 
We will have a selection of beautiful, interesting fleeces on
the tables for you to look at and buy.
You can also bring in any fleece you have bought and get help
to sort and decide how to process it. 


Down Breed Study 
Breeds included in the core down family are
Shropshire, Hampshire Down, Dorset Down, Southdown,
Oxford Down and Suffolk.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday,

Happy Crafting,


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