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August - 2nd, 16th , 30th

September - 13th 27th

October - 11th, 25th

November - 8th, 22nd

December - 6th, 20th


January - 3rd, 17th, 31st

February - 14th, 28th

March - 13th, 27th

April - 10th, 24th

May - 8th, 22nd;

June - 5th, 19th

July - 3rd, 17th, 31st

August - 14th, 28th

22nd/23rd June 2024 -
Amanda Hannaford -
improvers spinning workshop

Spinning wool


There are a number of spinners within the Guild who meet regularly. Those interested in learning how to spin can get informal tuition through the Spinning Group.

The Guild holds a wide range of spinning equipment which is available for hire. This includes spinning wheels, bobbins, hand carders and Lazy Kates'. Often for a beginner this is the most cost-effective way of trying out the craft before laying out any large expenses.

The Guild also has drum carders available which prepares many fibres for spinning in a larger quantity than hand carders. Fibres are often available at guild meetings on the sales table from other members or when speakers come to give talks at meetings.


Through  these means, it is possible to obtain fleece, silk, cotton, linen and bamboo, as well as luxury fibres such as angora, mohair and alpaca, and also synthetic fibres.


Bobbin of yarn
Hand spun yarn

Spinning of animal, plant and synthetic fibres holds a great attraction for Guild members, and a reference file has been started in which members are encouraged to provide samples of the diverse fibres they use.

The Guild Library collection carries some very useful reference resources in the way of books and pamphlets which may be loaned to members.

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