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Quarterly Dye Group Day - Rainbow Dyeing


Don’t forget the quarterly Dye Group day this Sunday 28th April, led by Gloria.

Paul Henry

An introduction to bookbinding

Saturday May 18th at  11am

Tapestry weaving
Paul Henry stitching book.jpg
Spinning yarn

From the history of codices to creating covers for curiosity and posterity.


 An introduction to the history of books, from the beginnings
on papyrus, through mediaeval bindings to mass produced paperbacks.

Paul will show examples of all the major styles from scroll
to the early leaf bindings, Coptic to oak boards and simple pamphlets.

Bookbinding is a very traditional art form, binding together pages for
posterity, sometimes for reference and sometimes for privacy.

Often binding have been the exclusive privilege of the rich and famous
but the increased education of the masses lead to a more widespread
use, cheaper methods and a throwaway society.

 Discussion and handling of samples is important to the talk and everyone
has the chance to handle wood, leather, paper and linen thread.


Paul will also show a range of contemporary art bindings using glass,
knitted cloth, ceramics, carved wood, and silk as cover materials.

It has always been important for Paul when binding a commissioned
book that there is a relationship between the pages and the covers.


 Paul enjoys the chances to use different techniques and materials,
and often use substrates which are a little unusual.

Crochet Knitted Squares
Yarn, wool
Hand woven scarf

Welcome to the Berkshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers


We are a large, friendly, active group of over 50 members who share a passion and enthusiasm for all things fibre and textile related.


The Guild aims to encourage and promote the skills of weaving, spinning and dyeing amongst our members as well as the wider public and we welcome anyone who has an interest in learning more about our core crafts.


We are based at the Charvil Village Hall, The Hawthornes, Charvil, RG10 9TR and meet on the third Saturday of every month to share ideas and chat over coffee and cake.


There is a varied Programme of inspiring speakers, workshops and skill share sessions with additional meetings during the week for specialist groups. You can find details of our next Saturday meeting here.


Our members range from complete beginners through to professionals and we love to share our knowledge so do come come along and see what we do, or contact us if you would like to hear more, we would love to hear from you. 

Handspun yarn
Hand weaving
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