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Sheep and fleece

Main Guild Meeting - 16th June
10:30am  doors open, 11am fleece sale, 11:30 fleece blind sampling
12:30pm lunch, 1pm notices & show and tell,
1:30 Mini Wheel Workshop, 2pm sort a fleece demonstration , 4pm chairs away


Fleece Day

This month is our annual fleece meeting and we have all sorts of fleecy activities. This year rather than focusing on getting lots of whole fleeces to sell, although there will be some, we thought we would prepare small bags of raw fleece. These will be from various sheep breeds so you can try them out without having to cope with a whole fleece.

We will also have a blind sampling session where you will get a small amount of prepared fleece from 6 different British breeds to spin at the meeting. Will you be able to match the fleece to the correct sheep breed?

In the afternoon there will be a Mini Wheel Workshop on how to choose a fleece for a particular project and a fleece sorting demonstration.

June Workshops

Leather Workshop

Fleece - Sample It! 

We will supply a selection of washed fleece from 6 different unidentified breeds for you to spin at the meeting.

There will be a few clues supplied so you can have a go at identifying the breed of sheep from the fleece characteristics.

 Answers will be given at the end of the day.


Mini Wheel workshop



Choosing a fleece suitable for a particular project in mind



Forthcoming events

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