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Main Guild Meeting 19th January

January Collapse Weave Talk

Our January meeting includes a talk at 2:30pm given by one of our members Gloria Pitt.
Gloria's formal training in weaving was in Bradford and she has also attended courses with internationally known weavers. She is well known for her scarves and has taken her inspiration from travelling in Indonesia and the textures of butterflies wings, fish scales and snake skin. She has exhibited her work in Ireland before moving to Berkshire and has recently been part of the Caversham arts trail.
Gloria is a key member of the Weaving Group which meets a 10:15 am every other Thursday at Charvil Village Hall.

Mini Dye workshop with Debbie
11am - Colour blending with Procion dyes

Debbie will show how to make up Procion dyes, and then how to blend colours, using red, yellow and blue to achieve 12 different colours. There will be written handouts on both subjects and people can join in to help with the blending and will go away with a sample of each of the 12 colours. This is a demonstration and you don't need to bring anything.

Mini wheel workshop with Roz
1pm - DIY equipment

Please bring in as many homemade pieces of spinning or weaving equipment as you can to prove that you don't need to spend a fortune to pursue our crafts. Any Heath Robinson device or invention will do.

10:30am doors open
11am mini dye workshop
1pm mini wheel workshop
12:30pm notices
2:30pm talk
4.30pm chairs away




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16 February 

Member led Longdraw Spinning and Tapestry Weaving workshops




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