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December 16th -  Main Guild Saturday Meeting
Morning and afternoon workshop - Make coasters using various materials and techniques. Bring yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, colourful magazines. Lots of possibilities to quickly make small presents.

Christmas potluck lunch. Bring enough to share with about 6 people.

Brantub - Bring something hand made and wrapped (it doesn't have to be made by you). After everyone has put in their "present" everyone who participated will be able to pick a present out of the tub.

Raffle - We also will have a raffle to benefit a selected charity.

Charity Sales Table - All of the monthly sales table takings will also benefit the selected charity.

10am doors open, 12:30 lunch, 4pm chairs away


January 20th - Members day.

Spinning skills workshops - Morning and afternoon workshops on long draw, fancy yarn and Tibetan lap spindle spinning. A selection of member owned wheels will be on show to illustrate the differnet types of wheels available.



Forthcoming events

See programme for full details >>

14th Dec Weaving Group Meeting - Charvil Village Hall

16th Dec Main guild meeting - Charvil Village Hall

3rd Jan Spinning Group meeting - Charvil Village Hall

11th Jan Weaving Group Meeting - Charvil Village Hall

14th Jan Dyeing group meeting