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Main Guild Meeting 18th August  

Dye Day - Same Colour Different Fibre

Our annual Dye Day will be looking at the way different fibres take up the same colour of dye. There will be no cost for this activity.

We will be using the kitchen and part of the main hall for the activities and there will be the guild's equipment available to use.  

Bring along any samples of fibre/yarn that you want to experiment with clearly labelled, and we do mean samples not entire 100g skeins! We will also have an assortment of fibres and yarns for you to choose from, along with dye baths of 5 different brands of acid/synthetic dyes to try them in. 

All samples will need soaking for 30 minutes in warm water or a mordant. Buckets will be already prepared in the kitchen for this so you can get your samples in them before 11am.

Bring an apron, gloves and bags for wet samples and PLEASE make sure anything you add to the pot is clearly labelled with who it belongs to.

There will be an opportunity in the afternoon for you to dye your fibre/yarn for the guild blanket project if you haven't already done so. Debbie will have her usual selection of mordants and dyes available to buy if you need them.
Mini Wheel Workshop - 1:30pm -  

Mini-Wheel Workshop - 1:30pm
Spinning and Health
Posture, grip, exercises for hands, neck and back.

10:30am Doors open, 11am Dyeing activities start,1pm Notices and Show and Tell
1:30pm Mini-Wheel workshop, 4pm chairs away


August 18th - First meeting of the new season 

Membership renewals

Show and Tell

Forthcoming events

See programme for full details >>

23rd Aug Weaving Group

29th Aug Spinning Group

6th Sep Weaving Group

12th Sep Spinning Group

15th Sep Main guild meeting - Charvil Village Hall