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What's coming up

16th July - Dyeing Day

This month we have a silk dyeing workshop run by Katie Weston, an outside speaker, in the small meetingroom AND a member led procion acid dyeing opportunity run in the main hall.

There will be plenty of room for our usual chat, slaes table, business meeting and show and tell.

Don't forget that the Old Bath Road (A3032) between Chavil and Twyford is still closed.

dyedfibres fibres2

Silk dyeing workshop run by Katie Weston of Hilltop Cloud.

This workshop is full.

Time: 10.30am to 4pm
Location: small meeting room

What to bring:
Old clothing
Waterproof apron
Pad and pen
Labels, buttons to identify own fibre
Waterproof pen
Ziplock bags, plastic bags
Container to put bags in case of leakage
£3 cash for materials
Cash only to buy fibres. No cards!

Procion acid dyeing run by Debbie
This event is open to everyone at a cost of £2 to cover materials.

Time: 11am to 4pm
Location: main hall

Debbie will supervise but members are responsible for their own dyeing.

Suitable amounts of material to dye are 100 g per person of fleece, roving or yarn.

Debbie will provide dyes, mordant, newspaper, bin liners and equipment.

Members should bring aprons, latex or rubber gloves and plastic bags.
























                  1st place - 2016 Competition

                          Armada Plate Winner
                            "My Life in Threads"
                               by Janet Scotton                   
Armade plate winner 2016

20 August - Members day

A day to bring your work, sit and chat.

Bring some food to share, enough for 5-6 people.

No business meeting, no show and tell, no mini workshops

Just lots of time to catch-up wiht friends and spin, weave etc


Forthcoming events

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30th Jun Weaving group meeting - Charvil Village Hall

4th Jul Monday Evening Group

6th Jul Spinning Group Meeting

14th Jul Weaving group meeting - Charvil Village Hall

16th Jul Main Guild meeting