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Members day : Weaving and Dyeing activities

March 17th - Main Guild Saturday Meeting

Stick loom weaving

Ombre dyeing

Guild Project: Participating members will receive 50gm of fibre to spin and dye then use it to create an 8" block.
Finished blocks will be collected and joined together to create a lap blanket for shows and inspiration to us all.

Mini, Wheel Workshop - Fibre: Batts, Roving, Tops, Rolags and their effect on even spinning.


14 April - Dyeing group meeting - Dyeing in a ball, flecks and gradients

21 April - Braids around the World - Follow Freda Robinson in her adventures into braiding, and share an exploration of many different braids and their uses. See the many braids she collected in her travels from Ireland to Peru, Nepal to Ukaine and many countries in between. See the development of braids from Viking times to the present day and explore their potential for yourself.

Closing date for anual competition "Purple and Green"

Mini, Wheel Workshop - Cleaning a fleece