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June 15th - Guild Meeting - Fleece Day

This month is our annual fleece meeting and this year we are focusing on coarser fleeces and what to do with them.  

We have developed some interesting projects/quick-makes suitable for coarser fleece:

  • Ditch the plastic, make a wool string shopping bag.
  • Exfoliator cloth and soap bag.
  • Garden string
  • Heat mats
  • Peg loom cushion

There will be patterns that you can take away and there will be lots of fleece for you to sample and spin.

We will have some fleece for sale, mostly bagged, some washed and some raw. These are from various types of sheep including some suitable for coarse fleece projects.

In the afternoon we will have a fleece sorting demonstration and talk about washing fleece.


Next Month - July 20th
Colour dyeing day


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