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2016 Exhibition WinnerWhat's coming up
June 18th 2016: Fleece Day
Also - Angora Rabbits with Leslie Horton 

Come see (and buy) fleeces from different sheep breeds and if were are lucky other types of fibres - alpaca, angora goat etc. Who knows what will arrive.
                               1st place - 2016 Competition
                                      Armada Plate Winner
                                       "My Life in Threads" 
                                         by Janet Scotton

July 16th: 

Dyeing day - Workshop with Katie Weston from Hilltop Cloud.

Katie will bring silk already prepared to dye and only Katies fibre will be used. She is selling it at cost and members need to sign up ahead of time and space is limited.


Forthcoming events

See programme for full details >>

2nd Jun Weaving group meeting - Charvil Village Hall

6th Jun Monday Evening Group

8th Jun Spinning Group Meeting

16th Jun Weaving group meeting - Charvil Village Hall

18th Jun Main Guild meeting