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Further Resources & Information

natrually-dyed yarns

On this page you will find details and links to other events and to useful resources about spinning weaving and dyeing that are available on the web.


the association of guilds of weavers, spinners, & dyers - access to information about the umbrella organisation to which the Berks Guild, like many others, is affiliated.

european textile network - The network consists of three independent organisations that work in close coordination. The Network is in contact with many other carriers and supporters of textile culture as well as neighbouring cultural networks and organisations.

international felt makers association - a site for all the felt makers

the knitting & crochet guild - a site dedicated to capturing and recording our rich knitting and crocheting history

british hand knitting confederation - 'dedicated to promoting the craft of hand knitting and to passing on skills to newconmers to ensure a vibrant and exciting future for knitting and crochet'

The Big Weave: Local textile artists Diane Wood and Caroline Marriott travel with a 6ft tapestry loom and help local groups to create a community tapestry together. Come and participate: Click this link to find out where they will be near you.

The British Tapestry Group: Whilst tapestry weaving is an ancient technique, tapestry is enjoying a resurgence today with an increasing number of artist's throughout the British Isles producing work of a very high standard. The aim of the BTG is to bring this work to a wider audience and promote it's development


weaversbazaar offers a custom dyeing service for small quantities of yarn

Pantone Colour Think Tank provides a custom dyeing service for fabrics.

Classi Clean offers state-of-the-art textile hand dyeing

Small Milling

Hagger's Mill - specialist spinning company for exotic fibres such as alpaca

The Natural Fibre Company - spins small quanitities of yarn but also sells made up items or spun yarn.