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Colour Design Workshop

Date: 2 Feb 2013

Bobbie Kocieewski is a very well known hand weaver. She has enormous expertise which extends far beyond the process of crossing warp with weft. This special workshop will provide an opportunity to explore the subject of colour design for woven textiles in depth. It is a double workshop with four weeks between to develop ideas and to expereimnet with combinations.

Workshop One: 2 & 3 February. Bobbie will introduce the topic and start the workshop off. Those taking part then have four weeks to progress their initial ideas.

Workshop Two: 2 & 3 March. Bobbie returns for the second workshop when she will review what has been done and take the subject on to another level.

This is a fantastic chance to get involved in developing skills and expertise with the help of a recognised expert.

The worskhop will be held in  Pearson Hall, Pearson Road, Sonning, RG4 6UL. Contact us for more information.

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