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Main Guild Meeting

Date: 20 Sep 2014

September 20th Members Meeting : Member Led Workshops/Demonstrations
Jill Hurl on worsted spinning technique: East Anglia had plenty of sheep and plenty of water but no hills or fast running streams to provide power for fulling mills instead the spinners and weavers used the long fine wool from its native breeds to produce a cloth which did not require fulling. The village of Worsted in Norfolk gave worsted its name and East Anglia dominated the worsted trade for 400 years.
Janet Scotton on shibori tyeing and stitching: Shibori from the Japanese shiboru to wring, press or squeeze, is a form of resist dyeing which can also create 3D fabrics. In shibori any or several of the following techniques are used stitching and gathering, binding, clamping, capping (overing with a waterproof material), folding, crumpling, plaiting, knotting, pinching and twisting. Indigo is the traditional way to dye shibori but it is not essential.

Debbie Haskel: dye baths


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