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Main Guild Meeting

Date: 15 Nov 2014

November 15th 

Morning  In House Workshops : Dyeing in the Gutter led by Debbie Haskell

Debbie will be demonstrating how to dye in a gutter with acid. Debbie will be hand painting yarn using Procion (acid) dyes in a piece of guttering and explaining other methods to achieve a similar result. Bring your own skein of yarn (it doesn't have to be mordanted) and experiment too. Debbie will also be showing us how to dye sock blanks and explaining what they are and what we can make with them. The dyeing will continue after Jennifer has left. We will have the opportunity to dye 2 yarns together using a variety of methods to produce the perfect match to make socks, gloves or anything else you might want to make 2 of.  More sock activity at our March Meeting. Click here to download further details.

Afternoon 1.00 : Silks and Stitches: Traditional Textiles of Thailand a talk by Jennifer Hughes

Jennifer will talk about the hand woven textiles of Thailand made by village artisans and people from the hill tribe for costumes and household goods. Jennifer is passionate about her subject and as a weaver, embroiderer and dyer she is able to explain the wide range of techniques such as ikat, supplementary weft, tapestry weave and embroidery.  Her talk will examine production, use and social significance and will be illustrated with 4 boxes of Jennifer's collection, some of which she acquired when she lived in Thailand from 1992-1999, we will be able to handle and photograph these fabrics.  There will be handcrafted items from Thailand and other parts of Asia and assorted beads for sale.


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