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Main Guild Meeting

Date: 18 Jul 2015

As many members will know, July’s meeting is our Guild dyeing day. This year’s theme is red, and we will be experimenting with various dyes such as cochineal, madder, brazil wood. Please come prepared with gloves, aprons and fibres you would like to try.

Alongside our dyeing activities, Sue Manston will lead a workshop on paper making - you’ll need to have prepared your paper, and to bring equipment for paper making (8-10 sheets of good quality A4 paper (eg. cartridge paper; torn scraps of coloured paper, wrapping paper etc. soaked overnight; deckle & mould or aluminium mesh (Sue can supply for £1); liquidiser/blender; 5 or 6 cellulose cloths (J-cloths or supermarket's own brand); old newspapers; washing-up bowl (old one if you intend to put dyes in it) - preferably square or rectangular; sieve; oddments of yarn, flower petals, seeds, leaves, herbs, spices, glitter etc.; palette knife or kitchen knife; scissors.)

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