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Main Guild Meeting

Date: 17 Jan 2015

Morning: Mary Paul will be sharing how to make a Fisherman's Knot Bag using fishermen’s traditional netting knots - but that’s just the beginning! What will it lead to; hammocks, instillations, fishnet stockings?

Also during the morning there will be a session on Silk Dyeing with Gloria Pitt. Gloria says, “Don't be afraid to dye silk. It is a protein fibre so you can use the same method as for wool, alpaca and mohair. Best of all, it won't felt. In January we will have a short demonstration of dyeing silk yarn, fibre and caps. Easy Peasy! If you learned how to dye wool with Fibre Reactive dyes at Debbie's workshop in November you can use that method. If you are into Natural Dyes they work too with the usual mordants on silk. However, I will be using Acid Dyes and setting the colour with vinegar. All of these methods work."

Afternoon 2.30: Get Knotted   Phil Cook of Gr8 Knots

Phil has been tying knots for over 25 years and his passion for decorative knot tying evolved from learning basic knots when he became a scuba diver.  He bought numerous books on knot tying and one of them included a section on decorative knots and he was hooked (tied). Whilst there are numerous experts in the fields of sailing, climbing, crime and magic (Phil may have a trick up his sleeve) the days when sailors, in particular, spent their leisure time tying works of art in rope and cord are long gone. After giving a talk to the Braid Society he recognised many similarities and became a member. Phil would like to keep this fascinating craft alive and he will be giving us a short history on knots and ropes, the use of knots in crime and punishment and we will have the opportunity to make a small decorative item. If time permits there will also be a rope making demonstration. Phil’s fee will be going to Alzheimer’s Research UK



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