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Main Guild Meeting

Date: 15 Feb 2014

History of Crochet with Pauline Turner.

This illustrated talk will focus on the history and development of crochet.  Pauline Turner has developed numerous courses in crochet, as well as having her books about crochet history and design published. She will be bringing samples old and new to show us and will talk about how crochet has developed over the years


Mini workshops with a theme of Fibre Preparation for Worsted and Woollen Spinning 10.30am - 11.30am

  • Denise Neville will be demonstrating the use of Wool Combs to prepare fibres for worsted spinning. Please bring clean fibres - either longwool or various colours of tops that you would like to mix together.
  • Lesley Dunn will show how to prepare rolags suitable for longdraw spinning (in preparation for the workshop in March). You will need to bring clean fleece or rovings with a staple length between 2-4 inches (5cm - 10cm), (you can bring longer fibre, but you will need to cut it), your hand carders and a wooden spoon or piece of dowling that is very smooth (if it is rough it will catch on the wool) 
  • Rainbow Dyeing 11.30 - 12.30pm Gloria will be showing us how to make a rainbow of colours using 3 acid dyes, red, yellow and blue.  Please bring small hanks of labelled yarn and or fleece, rubber gloves, apron, small plastic bags and an old towel.



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