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Main Guild Meeting

Date: 20 Aug 2011

This is a mid-summer, informal meeting. Informal workshops developing insights into the design process will be going on (see below for details).

Sales table, Library and refreshments will be avialable as usual. Visitors are very welcome to join us and see what we are doing, have a go at things or just spend some time chatting to members about what they are doing. The meeting takes place at Charvil Village Hall starting at 11:30 through to 5pm.

From: Sue Manston
I agreed to do another design session at the August meeting, for (a) those people who didn't get to do it first time around, and (b) those people who did it last time and want to do some more.  So please find below a list of what to bring if you want to take part.
Janet Scotton is going to give you some ideas on "How to know when to stop".  I've seen what she has made for this and it is really exciting.
Kind regards,
(a)  What to bring to the August meeting
  • Your source material(s)
  • Old magazines / Sunday supplements
  • Scissors, sellotape, glue/glue stick
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Potato & sharp knife (if you want to try stamping)
  • Yarn oddments
  • Stiff card for yarn wrapping (e.g. Cut from cereal packet)
  • Paint palette (or an old plate/saucer for mixing paint)
  • Old cup, jam jar or plastic milk carton (for water)
  • Apron & rubber gloves
  • Newspapers to cover the tables
  • Old sponge (kitchen, bathroom sponge)
  • A household object with an interesting texture (e.g. corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, a plate, a glass, a basket)
  • Paints & brushes
  • Crayons, ink, felt tips
  • Paper - cartridge, tissue (see note below)
  • Cling film
  • Beads, ribbons, bits of fabric (if you have them)
A3 sheets of cartridge paper are fairly expensive, and you'll need 3-5 sheets.  If you don't want to buy a whole pad (WH Smith £5 for 30 sheets) please let me know ( asap.  If enough people need me to buy a pad then I'll get one.  I'll bring plenty of paint and wax crayons.
(b) The list of ideas we compiled for "Beautiful Berkshire" (from the flipcharts)
Landscapes & geology

  • Berkshire Downs (Watership Down, Inkpen Beacon, Coombe Gibbet)
  • Chalk grasslands, chalk pits (flowers, butterflies)
  • Woodlands (silver birch trees, bluebells)
  • Rivers (Thames, Loddon, locks, boats, herons, kingfishers, Loddon Lily)
  • Canals (Kennet & Avon, locks, boats, barges, wildlife)
  • Farming (fields, hedges, crops, orchards)
  • Parks & Gardens (Forbury gardens, Saville Gardens)
  • Country Parks (Dinton Pastures - lakes, wildlife, flowers, trees)
  • The View from your kitchen window
  • Common land
  • Runnymede
  • Cloudscapes
  • Stately homes & Gardens (Basildon Park, Windsor Castle)
  • Reading Abbey (ruins)
  • Churches (building materials, floor tiles, grills, door fixtures, stained glass, brass rubbings)
  • Old buildings (barns, pubs)
  • Villages (Hurley, half-timbered buildings, riverside, locks, church)
  • Building materials (brick, flint, chalk)
  • Mills (water mills at Sindlesham, Sonning)
  • Architectural details (doors, doorways, windows, chimneys, roof tiles, brickwork)
  • Modern buildings (eg. The Blade)
  • Ascot racecourse
  • Bridges
  • Trees, plants, flowers
  • Butterflies, insects
  • Birds (red kites, swans)
  • Mammals (deer, bats)
  • Wildlife parks (Child Beale, Living Rainforest)
  • Archaeology (iron age forts)
  • Seasons (winter landscape, spring woodlands, autumn colours)
  • Found objects (pebbles, feathers, seeds, pine cones)
  • Festivals (Reading Beer Festival, Rock Festival, Henley Festival)
(c) The list of possible source materials
  • Take your own photographs
  • Make your own drawings, sketches, paintings
  • Magazines
  • Greeting cards
  • Postcards
  • Calendars
  • Free leaflets (museums, libraries, tourist attractions)
  • Do wax crayons rubbings for texture (bricks, tree bark etc)
  • Found objects (pebbles, feathers, leaves, pressed flowers etc)
(d) The summary of techniques & methods for developing your design
  • Colour analysis
  • Prepared papers (sponged, wax rubbings, cling film)
  • Cut up magazines
  • Photocopying
  • Cutting up and rearranging
  • Weaving paper strips
  • Collage (magazines, prepared papers, fabric, tissue paper)
  • Drop a shape into a square
  • Stencils & templates
  • Mirror imaging / repeat patterns
  • Stamping (with potato or carrot)
  • Rubbings
  • L-shape


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