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Main guild meeting - Charvil Village Hall

Date: 21 Oct 2017

Saturday guild meeting at Charvil Village Hall

October 2017 guild meeting


We are printing with flowers and leaves on art paper and fabric using the hammer method and steaming to print leaves on fabric.  


You will need to bring some common household tools: a nail hammer, scissors, a chopping board or craft board, masking tape, rubber bands and a selection of simple flowers and leaves with good shape and colour, including plenty of green.  


Maple, Geranium, Petunia, Marigold, Pansies and roses all work well and any leaf that is not too large and not too waxy. Ivy does not work well, but Eucalyptus does! 


If you have the following: any clean, plain, fabric is good, old pillow cases are ideal.  A steamer or colander will be very welcome also. 

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