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Main Guild Meeting

Date: 17 Oct 2015

Our speaker will be Helen Matos, a Brazilian born textile designer specialised in Woven Textiles. Helga works from her home studio on commission pieces, collaborative projects with designers and a wide range of companies. She is also a part time Teaching Fellow at Winchester School of Art and has taught at colleges and universities in Brighton and London.

Environmental psychology and human interaction with materials and surfaces has been Helga’s research base to develop her work.

Her work reflects a desire to inspire people to pay more attention to detail of materials, textures and patterns of objects that surrounds us. Just like when she learnt and became fascinated on how to make fabric, a product we all take it for granted.

Daily life is becoming so digitized that we are losing the sense of touch. We are surrounded by wireless communication, sensors, digital technology. The internet has taken humankind to a whole new way of life, the virtual one.

This fascinating development of technologies makes us forget the importance of the physical life, the sensation of touch and how important that is for our development through life.

“I have focused on developing woven surfaces that stimulate people’s emotions of comfort, enjoyment, happiness and surprise.”

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