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Two Dyeing Projects

This page shows details of two dyeing projects; one using natural dyes and the other using synthetic dyes. In each case we have tried to show the processes involved.

This first project was using Dyer's Knotweed (polyginum tinctoria), which is a form of indigo, to colour some woollen fleece prior to spinning it.

1. Bucketful of polyginum tinctoria stalks left after stripping off leaves

2. Large quantity of Polyginum Tinctoria leaves - rapidly picked

3. Liquidised leaves + rainwater = gloopy green mixture - then strained before immersing fleece

4. Dyed fleece laid out to dry in daylight for colour to develop

5. Carded indigo dyed fleece, ready for use

This second project was using acid dyes to colour silk yarn that was going to be used for weaving

1. Getting ready - stock solutions of acid dyes and rubber gloves

2. Let's get cooking - silk skein taking up dye from dyebath

3. Dyed silk skeins drying

4. Silk yarn dyed to colours required for a project

5. Project sampler on loom, using the dyed silks